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Currently our staff includes four Veterinarians, two Registered Veterinary Technician, six Veterinary Assistants, and five Receptionists. We have a very competent and caring team that is devoted to providing the very best care for your pet.

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Our Clinic Cats

Gill and Dori



Dori was brought to us in the spring of 2014. Miss Dori had gotten herself in predicament that led to her being accidentally locked in a storage shed for at least 2 weeks without food or water. The concerned owner of the shed found her and brought her to us immediately.  With her pressing health issues and no owner to be found, we took her in for care here at our hospital.

   After her health improved we soon found Dori was a feral cat that we feel had led the “hard knock life”. After months of treating her and working with her daily, she finally grew to include us in HER life.  She now roams in the back freely, entertaining us daily and as we like to say “becoming more of a real cat everyday”.

   If you catch a glance of her, you are one of the lucky ones… just know she still suffers from “stranger danger” and will run if approached too fast. 


Gill came to us in the summer of 2015. He had been hit by a car and sustained a lot of facial trauma, including a broken lower jaw. The family who owned him, was not able to care for him, especially with his long recovery. So Gill was to stay with us until healed & we could find him a good home... at least that was the plan.

Once we saw how he got along with our other clinic cat, Dori, we knew he had found his home here with us and became our newest ward at Brevard Animal Hospital.  He has since recovered nicely from his previous injuries and enjoys the relaxation of his life here; with lots of cat toys, catnip & his favorite the "Infinity Scratcher".  

Gill tends to be our resident "night owl", so he is often sleeping throughout the day. If you do get a chance to greet him, he enjoys full body pets and sitting in a lap.